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Buy Monetized YouTube Account


$ 150
  • 1K-10K SUBS
  • Verified Accounts


10K-50K SUBS
$ 400
  • 10K-50K SUBS
  • Verified Accounts


50K-100K SUBS
$ 600
  • 50K-100K SUBS
  • Verified Accounts

So, you are looking for YouTube accounts to buy. That’s great but why do you need it? Do you want to earn money through your videos? Do you know how can you earn money through YouTube channel? We know that’s none of our business but these information can surely help you.  We don’t just focus on selling YouTube accounts. Rather, we want our accounts to add value to our customers. We want them to make the proper usage of our accounts, utilize those accounts for prosperity.  

However, starting a YouTube channel from scratch isn’t an easy task. It’s a long procedure to get to the moment where you will be able to earn through your channel. This is why people who want to earn through YouTube, prefer to buy YouTube accounts. They prefer monetized YouTube channel so that they can start earning right away. So, if you want to buy monetized YouTube account, we can help. You can even buy bulk YouTube accounts from us at a very cheap rate. We really believe that our accounts are special and better than other merchant’s accounts. How are we so confident? Let’s talk on the go. 

Buy Monetized YouTube Account

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Why should You Buy Monetized YouTube Channel?

We all know what YouTube is and how it works. As an audience, all you have to do is search for videos and enjoy watching it. Have you wondered who made these videos? It is obvious that there are content creators who do this type of works. They make videos, publish it on YouTube and entertain people. Have you ever wondered what’s in it for them? They must have some benefit, right? Creating content takes so much of one’s time, energy as well as money that no one would want to do it for nothing. There must be some monetary benefit. So, how does one earn money through YouTube

You can earn money from your YouTube videos through ads. You can use various ads platforms like Google AdSense to run ads on your videos and earn money. Piece of cake, huh? Well, it’s not that easy as it seems. For ensuring quality of content, YouTube has followed a new strategy for monetization on 2020. Just in case you aren’t aware, monetization refers to the eligibility of running ads on your YouTube channel. The new rules state that you have to gain at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of views in a year to monetize your channel. You cannot just open a YouTube channel, publish videos and start running ads; at least no more. 

Now, you are going to need a lot of time to be eligible for monetization as the requirements aren’t easy as it looks. Without monetization, you won’t be able to run ads and earn money from your contents. So, is there any escape plan? There is one actually. You can buy aged YouTube accounts that are already monetized. If you buy monetized YouTube account, you can start earning right away by running ads on your videos. This plan works. If you don’t know where to buy YouTube accounts, you didn’t end up with us for nothing. There’s a reason for everything that happens. With us, the reason is that we can get you the best deal on YouTube accounts. So, what are you waiting for? Have a look at what we have to offer you!

What are the Features of Our Account?

How would you know whether our account is monetized or not? You can’t look into the dashboard without logging in, right? What if we turned out to be scammer? Well, we will provide you proof to gain your trust. We can send you screenshots of our account’s dashboard. If you are still not convinced, we can even show you the account live on Skype or any other platform. We can provide any kind of evidence you ask for. We have no fear as we have no guilt to hide. However, let’s get to know more about our accounts. 

Details of Our YouTube Accounts

    • We have used PVA verified email accounts to create the channels. You can buy YouTube pva accounts from us.

    • The accounts are completely active.

    • You can put ads on videos right after buying our accounts.

    • The accounts have more than 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of views.

    • The subscribers and the views are totally natural and authentic.

    • All of our channels have popular niche. Including Vlog, Entertainment, Education etc.

    • You can easily change the niche with these real subscribers.

    • The channels are clean. There’s no copyright or community strike issue.

    • All the channels have been optimized in a professional manner by the experts.

    • Our accounts are 100% legal. We have not violated any rules or policy of YouTube.

Details of Our YouTube Accounts

Why would You Buy from Us?

You must be thinking that what’s so special about these accounts. They seem alright but there’s nothing extra, right? Actually, there is something extra about our accounts. Firstly, our accounts are legit and totally reliable. There’s a limitation on the account’s features as that isn’t entirely on our hands but YouTube. However, we have focused on providing you the best quality accounts. Secondly, it’s our service that makes our account special. We are dedicated to add more value to you through our service. Take a look!

Fast Delivery: The world is moving really fast. It is necessary for us to cope up with the world as well as time. This is why we try to deliver our order as fast as possible. If you buy YouTube accounts from us, you can trust us to value your time. We will make sure that you have your order delivered comparatively quicker than other merchants in the business.

Top Quality: This is something that can’t be compromised even if we want to. Don’t worry! We don’t want to compromise the quality. Actually, we can’t. Otherwise, YouTube won’t enable monetization for our accounts. Our accounts were created through verified and real information. All the responses on the channels are from real persons. We have included everything to make our accounts secure and safe. These are the best performance generating accounts in the business. You can totally rely on them.

Reasonable Price: We don’t want to talk much on this matter. You have already seen our account’s features. Such quality accounts are hard to find at this reasonable rate. These accounts will surely worth your money. We even offer discounts if you buy bulk YouTube accounts. 

24/7 Customer Support: Our team is constantly working to provide you the best customer service. You can contact us anytime for any kind of query. Our team is active 24/7. If you face any kind of trouble with our accounts, you can let us know. We will look into the matter right away and try to fix it quickly. Your subscribers may unsubscribe you but we have subscribed your for life. 

How to Buy YouTube Accounts?

It’s time to place your order. We know that you are smart enough to make the right decision. After all these perks that we have discussed, it just wouldn’t be wise not to consider us. However, you can always look for better options but be careful of scammers online. Only scammers can offer a better deal than us. So, if you buy YouTube account from us, we should tell you how to do it. It’s easy as ABC. So, let’s begin!

1. First of all, you need to contact us to place your order. 

2. We require some information to confirm your order. Including order quantity, email address, payment method etc.

3. Then, you need to make the payment. We will send you a confirmation email on your given email address after receiving your payment.

4. Our staff will ready accounts, check if everything runs okay and then deliver to you.

5. You will receive the channels via email.  We would request you to kindly check the channel right after the delivery. If you find any problems, please contact us immediately so that we can resolve it.

We better tell you this now. We won’t refund or replace the account after 72 hours of delivery. If you aren’t able to run your ads, it’s because your video doesn’t comply with YouTube’s policy. Follow the rules of YouTube as well as Google and your channel will run perfectly. For such instances, you can always seek help from our customer support team. 

You will be given complete access to your channel. We will even provide all the recovery information. You will have the authority to make any changes you want. It would be wise to activate two factor authentications on the email account for maximizing security. We can assure you that our accounts will only be dedicated to you. Therefore, if you want to buy monetized YouTube account, we might be the optimum choice for you. Reach us to place your order.